Tuesday, September 05, 2006

IBM Bladecenter iSCSI Boot Support

There has been a lot of demand lately to boot blade servers using the integrated NICs without the use of iSCSI HBAs.

IBM has partnered with Microsoft to enable this capability for the IBM HS20 (Type 8843) Blades and Netapp has recently announced support for it.

Here are the requirements:

Blade type: HS20 MT8843
BIOS: 1.08
HS Blade Baseboard/Management Controller: 1.16
Windows 2003 SP1 w/ KB902113 Hot Fix
Microsoft iSCSI initiator with Intergrated boot support: 2.02
Netapp DataONTAP: >= 7.1.1
Netapp iSCSI Windows Initiator Support Kit 2.2 (available for download from the Netapp NOW site)

One thing to be aware of is that the Microsoft iSCSI initiator version 2.02 with Integrated Boot support is a different binary from the standard Microsoft iSCSI initiator 2.02.

To obtain the MS iSCSI initiator 2.02 with Boot support binary follow the link and provide the following invitation code: ms-8RR8-6k43

The IBM BIOS and BMC updates can be downloaded from here:
www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-64042 or here


You can find instructions for the process here:


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A young Master Yoda said...

I came across this. I am very interested in this, as I just got of the phone with an IBM support guy (PartnerWorld) who said it could not be done with the onboard NICs. And that discussion was about one rev up (Chassis H, with JS21/HS21 blades). He said we had to get additional add-in iniator cards (at that point, what is the cost difference with going with HBAs)?

IF you would, please send me back email siryoda a@t gmail d0t com. From what I read of the pdf I downloaded from this page, it is a bit confusing. Thankfully, this would not be a large setup so installing from cd instead of creating boot images (which the docs say was done) is preferable.